Conditions Observed

Antioxidants / SupplementsGlutathione
 Primary Carnitine Deficiency
Breast cancerBreast Neoplasm (Family)
 Breast neoplasm
CancerColon Neoplasm
 Colorectal Neoplasm
 Colorectal Neoplasm (Family)
 Endometrial Neoplasm
 Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Neoplasm
 Ovary Neoplasm
CardiovascularProthrombin (G20210A Mutation)
 Ventricular Tachycardia
DentistryCleft lip
DiabetesType 1 Diabetes
Digestive systemIrritable Bowel Syndrome
Drug ReactionsCongenital Heart Defect due to Maternal Periconception – SSRIs
Endocrine systemTransient Neonatal Diabetes
GeneralLonger Menstrual Cycle Duration
 Menstrual Migraine
Genetic diseasesHereditary Breast and Ovary Cancer Syndrome
 Primary Autosomal Microcephaly
 Primary Microcephaly
Hematologic systemCongenital afibrinogenemia
 Factor VII Deficiency
 Hereditary Persistence of Fetal Hemoglobin (HPFH)
Hereditary diseasesFragile X Syndrome
HormoneFSH deficiency
HormonesAromatase Deficiency
 Isolated Follicle Stimulating Hormone Deficiency (FSH)
Immune systemAnti-Beta-2-Glycoprotein Antibody
 Anticardiolipin Antib.
 Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome
 Antithrombin Deficiency
 Factor V Leiden Mutation
 Mutation of the SERPINE1 Gene (PAI-1)
 Prolactin Promoter Polymorphism
 Protein C Deficiency
 Protein S Deficiency
InflammationsSjogren’s Syndrome
MetabolicGlucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency
 Weight Gain Trend
MethylationMTHFR 1298 mutation (rs1801131)
 MTHFR 677 mutation (rs1801133)
Muscular systemHemiplegia
Need for NutrientsIron
PediatricNeonatal Seizure Disorders
Personal characteristicsGonadal dysgenesis
Reactions to TreatmentsAllogeneic Rejection
Reproductive systemAge at Menarche
 Female Infertility
 Gestational diabetes
 In vitro fertilization
 Infertility in Endometriosis
 Intra-Hepatic Pregnancy Cholestasis
 Intrauterine growth retardation
 Male infertility
 Neural Tube Defect
 Organ dysfunction associated with choline deficiency
 Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
 Pelvic Organ Prolapse
 Perrault Syndrome
 Placental Detachment
 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
 Pre eclampsia
 Pregnancy sickness
 Premature birth
 Risk of Recurring Pregnancy Loss
 Spontaneous abortions
 Uterine Fibroids
 Uterine Fibromyoma
Skeletal system (bones)Disc herniation
 Lumbopelvic Pain in Pregnancy
 Varicose veins
Urinary systemRecurrent Urinary Infection
 Urinary incontinence
 Vitamin A
 Vitamin B12
 Vitamin B6
 Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)
 Vitamin C
 Vitamin D
 Vitamin E
 Vitamin K