Conditions Observed

CancerOral Cavity and Laryngeal Neoplasm
DentistryAggressive Periodontitis
 Amelogenesis imperfecta (teeth)
 Bone demineralization in the dental arch
 Bone resorption for prosthesis implants
 Dental Fluorosis
 Dental erosion
 Dental implant failure
 Dentinogenesis Imperfecta
 Duration of orthodontic treatment after premolar extraction
 Effectiveness in response to bisphosphonates
 Enamel hypoplasia
 Endodontic treatment failure
 External apical root resorption after orthodontic treatment
 Incisor Molar Hypomerization (HMI)
 Increased bleeding in chronic periodontitis
 Inflammatory and infectious endocarditis
 Orofacial pain
 Persistent Apical Periodontitis
 Pulpitis (Tooth Inflammation)
 Resistance to demineralization of dental enamel
 Shovel-shaped incisor teeth
 Teeth development
 Temporomandibular disorder
 Third molar agenesis
 Tooth Agenesis
Digestive systemCanker sores
Genetic diseasesVan der Woude Syndrome
MicrobiomeDialister Species