Precisya ( Formerly Transceptar )


Revolutionize healthcare by moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach and toward a patient/customer-centric model that optimizes healthcare outcomes and quality of life for individuals while advancing our understanding of health and disease at the population level. We aim to reduce health disparities by addressing the unique healthcare needs of diverse populations and ensuring that healthcare solutions are accessible and equitable for all.


To pioneer a future where every individual's health is optimized through genomic, clinical data and life experience driven personalized solutions, ensuring a world where healthcare is tailored to each unique person, ultimately transforming lives and promoting well-being for all

Our history

Our Timeline


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Accomplishment of Genome Project by National Human Genome Research Institute

The Human Genome Project is one of the greatest scientific feats in history. - generating the first sequence of the human genome - provided fundamental information about the human blueprint, the study of human biology and improved the practice of medicine.


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Transceptar Research & Development

10 Million lines of Coding Reached


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Transceptar Research & Development 300,000 people tested

10 Million lines of Coding Reached


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Population Analysis Projects 400,000 people Tested

Database Reached 15 Million Publications


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B2B Operations Started Strand Inversion Algorithm Launched

400,000 people Tested


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AI Based Publication Extraction Algorithm Accomplished, Population analysis

400,000 people Tested


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Offices in Portugal and Brazil Established

Behavioral and Vacational Analysis Projects 300,000 people Tested


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Forbes Magazine, Israel Offical Mission to UAE. COVID 19 Solution Provided United Nations Recommendation & Partnership with University of Washington

50 Million Lines of Coding Reached


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Reached 4000 Doctors prescribing our Genetic Tests

1.6 Million Polymorphisms & 80 million Lines of coding reached


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Pharmacogenetics Launch Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, UAE Distributors Appointed

30 Panels in 5 Languages analysing 5000+ disease conditions


Why Precision Health? Personalized approach for Optimal Health

Traditionally, medical treatments are designed to suit the average person, but everyone is unique. Our health is determined by various factors such as our genes, environment, family history, and lifestyle. Precision health takes these differences into account and customizes treatments and prevention plans based on individual needs. This approach enables doctors to understand the patient’s body better, keeping them healthy. In case of illness, precision health facilitates finding the most effective treatments with minimal side effects.